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The Evolution of the SAP Consultant's Profession: To the Cloud and Beyond

Having worked as an SAP consultant for 25 years, I can say with conviction that our profession is fundamentally changing. The dynamics of the SAP world have been transformed over the past decades, mainly thanks to the introduction of HANA, a transactional database, and SAP's shift to the Cloud. This has had and will continue to have a profound impact on our work as SAP consultants. Let's examine this statement further.

The Age of Fiori and the Cloud

Once upon a time, everything in the SAP world revolved around relational databases and SAP transactions like SPRO. But now we are seeing the rise of Fiori and the Cloud as gamechangers. Fiori, the web-based user interface developed by SAP, is here to stay. In the Cloud environment, it is the familiar Fiori tiles that welcome users.

But it goes beyond that. The way we create configurations is steadily shifting from traditional IMG to using SAP Best Practices Content. Cloud configurations rely on Fiori applications such as "Manage Your Solution" and "Extend Core Configuration" to streamline and customise processes. Here Best practices scenarios can be switched on and configured. And let's not forget that the Cloud, even in a multi-tenant environment, provides a complete SAP system.

There is one thing that might have an impact on our work and that is that the Cloud SAP systems are mostly (if not only) configured by consultants from SAP itself … at least that is what I am seeing. And that brings us to the next point: The Changing Role of the SAP Consultant


This evolution of the SAP system brings two important changes for SAP consultants:

  1. Shift to the Cloud and Functional Role: SAP consultants will increasingly focus on guiding organisations and business processes through the transition to the Cloud. Technical expertise will remain important, but an understanding of business processes and the ability to bridge to standard SAP functionalities will become essential.

  2. Focus on the Look and Feel: With Fiori as the future user interface, the need for consultants with expertise in customising Fiori tiles and applications is growing. The ability to add specific tiles, customise fields, and develop applications within the SAP ecosystem will be in high demand.


Fiori as the Standard

Fiori is not just an interface; it is a design language that provides intuitive, consistent, and cohesive user experiences for enterprise applications. SAP Fiori has developed hundreds of apps to support different business processes. The idea is that everything a user does within SAP is done through an SAP Fiori app.

And the future looks even more promising with SAP Fiori 3. This new version, designed to run on any device, provides a seamless experience for users regardless of the SAP system they are working on. The concept is simple: as long as you follow SAP Fiori guidelines, the user experience remains consistent and top-notch.


Together on the Road to the Future

It is clear that SAP Fiori and the Cloud are the future. SAP is constantly evolving, adding new functionalities, and enhancing the user experience. As SAP consultants, we need to embrace these changes and adapt ourselves to this new reality.


Now I invite my fellow SAP consultants to share their thoughts on this vision. How do you see the future of our profession? What challenges and opportunities do you see in the transition to the Cloud and the use of Fiori?

Let's shape the future of SAP consulting together and keep innovating. Your feedback is valuable and can help us be better prepared for what is to come.

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