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Are you ready for an intelligent enterprise?

Are you running SAP ECC and is it time to move to S4/HANA? Eager to become an intelligent enterprise? And are you considering moving from SAP ECC to SAP 4/HANA in one go? Then you might be interested in looking at the smart solution that is provided by SNP Group (


We all want to stay ahead of competition and the software with which you run your company can help. Especially when SAP promises you an intelligent, sustainable enterprise, the urge to move to the latest version of the S4/HANA suite is strong. Especially when the SAP version you are running is still SAP ECC.

SNP has developed an add-on to SAP that makes it possible to migrate from SAP ECC with the traditional general ledger to the universal ledger. And it’s possible to do this in one go.

In the past migrating to universal ledger was a two-step process. First migration to new general ledger needed to be done before you could go to the universal ledger. Now there are solutions on the market that make it possible to skip the first step.

I had the chance to peek behind the scenes of such a data migration. A huge company that builds solutions that enhance the capabilities of people, organizations, and the world at large is currently undergoing quite a big change in its SAP system. It has moved from SAP ECC to S/4 HANA.

In this company, this move was defined as a so-called brown paper project. This means that most of the functionalities will stay the same, and only the underlying system will be upgraded. Functionalities and the way the system is being used will, in principle, not be changed. Only when the new system does not support the old functionalities anymore and when common sense improvements are encountered, these will be made part of the project.

You could see a brown paper project as a data migration plus project. But do not underestimate the magnitude, scope, and effort involved in achieving a successful go live. This type of project still requires meticulous preparation, issue resolution, and reliable IT partners to make it work. Involvement and cooperation with the business is also essential. This is not merely an IT project. Each business process is affected and needs to be tested. So involvement of the business is crucial.

Migrating the data, however, is made much more straightforward with the tools provided by SNP. The SNP tool brings data from the tables of the source or previous ECC system to the new S4/HANA system, but how the data is mapped and transferred to the new system should come from the business. If for instance the company code currency needs to be changed, this requirement needs to be part of the mapping and transfer rules which are being used in the migration process.

When there are many business processes and many legal entities involved, it also means that validation is a massive undertaking that requires precise organization. Especially because validation needs to be done quickly: after migration and before go-live.

Therefore, the organization that did the migration also asked the IT partner to add reports in SAP that would make the validation process easier. Much of the validation was automated. This meant that although there was limited time for the validation, a proper validation could be done very quickly, because data was pulled from the source and target system in reports. In these reports, an automatic comparison was done, which quickly gave insight into the available and missing data and the quality of the data in both the new system and the old system.

Since there were 5 iterations of data migration before the actual go-live migration was done, the quality of the migration improved with each iteration and the organization and its team learnt about data and steps to take to resolve issues that came out of the comparison.

The process implemented by this organization makes it possible to do a massive migration at an incredible speed, with very high accuracy and in one go.

And in the meantime, the organization can move from an ancient SAP system to a state of the art, future-ready, S/4HANA environment.

How can you make an intelligent enterprise even more intelligent?

Well, even very smart enterprises, even the ones which are facilitating the world to become smarter, can become more intelligent. And the way to do this is to bring yourself to a level of software which can support this. I was really impressed by how this company did this together with its IT partner.

Want to learn more about this? Just drop me an email (

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