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Working together for smarter processes

Making organizations better

RAYLAN Consulting offers business process analysis, data analysis and knows the tools and expertise to make your company grow.

We work together with our customers, shoulder to shoulder, and we focus on their needs.
In this way we develop new ideas, effective strategies and high value solutions to create lasting improvements.

Getting Coffee
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Business Meeting
Business Meeting

Business Analysis

Know about your (financial) business processes and learn where you are doing well, where you can improve and which separates you from your competitors.
How to mature your process organization further?
We have experience.

Business applications and development

Speeding up your business processes with the help of IT has never been more easy. There is a lot of applications available, but what applications to choose? And how to let them work together?
We have insight in what business applications are already available in the market or can help you to create new applications.

Data engineering

Your systems log a lot of data, but what does it tell you? What facts can be derived and what does it tell you about the future?
We understand how to reveal its messages. We work with the best developers (e.g. Python, Hadoop) and understand SAP.

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Tel.: +31 (0) 630 200607

Bedankt voor de inzending!

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